Maluku is an archipelago province that comprises 92.4% (658.294.69 Km2) of ocean and only 7,6% (54.185 Km2) of land. The unique geographical position of Maluku gives some oceanography advantage that reflected in the richness of marine natural resources, especially in fisheries. The potential of fisheries in Maluku is estimated 1.6 ton/year. Moreover, located at the center of world coral reef triangle automatically put Maluku in the center of “mega biodiversity”. The vast area of mangrove and ocean surface with optimum oceanography condition for phytoplankton growth also provide enormous potential for Carbon Dioxide absorption.

The 1340 islands in Maluku that their shoreline represents 13% of Indonesian shoreline, harbor main marine ecosystems such as coral reef, mangrove, and sea grass that significantly support the sustainability of fisheries in Maluku. Coral reefs in Maluku cover an area of 1.323,44 Km2 and estimated to have economic value that reach billions of dollars per year, with services including storm protection, tourism, pharmaceutical and an important source of food. However, so far only several commodities such as fish, seaweed and sea cucumber have been furiously exploited, that leads to overfishing, whereas other invertebrates such as sponges and soft corals that have great potential for pharmaceuticals have been left untouched.

Tidal force, current, wind and microalgae are also unexplored despite the fact that they possess great potential as renewable energy sources. Maluku also surrounded by deep sea like Banda Sea that reach 7,500 meters at it deepest spots. This opens enormous opportunities for deep sea research that cannot be offered by other Provinces in Indonesia.

Furthermore, there are many minerals and more than 25 blocks of oil and gas reserves that has been discovered in Maluku which consequently required Pattimura University to open mining or oil and gas faculty to prepare Maluku in providing skilled workers that will be needed to explore and utilize the potential.

Lack of research reports on marine potential in Maluku shows insufficient attention from the stake holders which has to be improved through a comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary research and collaboration involving all stake holders that necessary to build a robust database and development plan that can ensure the sustainability of marine resources in Maluku

To address these problems, Pattimura University will conducted international conference “The 1st Maluku International Conference on Marine Science and Technology” to enable researchers from all over the world to meet in Ambon, present their scientific works, and exchange knowledge under the theme “Sustainable Development of Marine Resources”.

It is expected that this conference will be attended by marine scientist and engineers from at least 10 different countries. This conference will accelerate collaboration with various top international universities and also international government. This conference will mutually benefit all parties in term of knowledge and technology sharing. We hope that capacity building in form of research collaboration, exchange of lecturer, researcher and students can also be materialize in following this conference. We are confident that this conference not only will strengthen the relationship between Pattimura University and many international Universities but will also strengthen relationship between Indonesia and other countries.


Steering Commitee

ChairmanProf. M. J. Saptenno, SH., M.Hum. (Rector of Pattimura University)
MemberProf. Dr. Ir. Ferdrik Rieuwpassa, M.Si. (VR I)
Dr. Muspida, M.Si (VR IV)

Organizing Commitee

ChairmanDr. Gino V. Limmon, M.Sc.
Vice ChairmanDr. E. R. de Fretes, M.T.
SecretaryDr. Ir. L. Siahainenia, M.Si
Dr. Ir. J. A. Pattikawa, M.Sc.
TreasurerIr. M. A. Tuapattinaja, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. H. Nanlohy, M.Si.
MemberIr. L. M. Soukotta, MP.
Dr. Ir. D. D. P. Matruty, M.Si.
Dr. Ir. I. K. E. Savitri, M.Si.
Ir. Frederik W. Ayal, M.Si.
Endang Jamal, S.Pi, M.P
Ir. J. M. S. Tetelepta, M.Sc, M.Phill.
Ir. Pr. A. Uneputty M.Phill
Wilma Latuny, ST, M.Si, M.Phill, Ph.D.
Dr. Ir. Domey L. Moniharapon, M.Si
Dr. Ir. D. Bawole, M.Si.
Dr. Richard B. Luhulima, ST, MT, MRINA
dr. Filda de Lima